114 Italian Victories and counting…

Italian Folgore in action

22.06.40  Sforzesca Division captures Montgenèvre & la Crete de Chaussard

23.06.40  Fort Chenillet captured by Arditi Guastatori.

24.06.40  Cosseria Division Captures Mentone, Briançon & Lablachère

12.06.1940 Italian submarine Alpino Attilio Bagnolini sinks the British cruiser HMS Calypso.

14.06.1940 Italian troops defeat French attackers at Galisia Hil.

11.01.1941 Italian bombers from 237a Squadriglia disable HMS Ilustrious, allowing the safe arrival of the Afrika Korps.

24.01.41 Brigata Corazzata Speziale (BCS) derails the advance of the British 4th Armoured Brigade near Derna.

25.01.41 BCS contains the advance of the Australian 2/11th Battalion near Derna.

27.01.41 BCS ambushes a column of the Australian 6th Cavalry Regiment.

27.02.41 Italians defeat British attempt to seize Kastellorizo Island off Turkey.

21.03.41 The 2/9th Australian Infantry Battalion captures Giarabub, but only after suffering several setbacks.

24.03.41 Ariete captures Msus.

01.04.41 Ariete captures El Agheila.

03.04.41 Ariete captures Tengeder.

04.04.41 Italians defeat Greek attacks at Mount Golico.

06.08.41 Italian Air Force destroys Yugoslav Air Force within two days, and then demolishes railroad lines and other forms of transportation.

07.04.41 Italian counterattacks in Albania force Greeks to retreat, many are captured.

08.04.41 Ariete captures Mechili. Bersaglieri capture 3,000 Allied troops.

09.04.41 The Italians along the Drin River defeat mass attacks on the part of the Yugoslav 3rd & 5th Armies.

10.04.41 Italians troops capture Mount Lepre in Albania.

10.04.41 Italians force Greeks to abandon Circhina.

10.04.41 Greek attack on Shkumbin is derailed.

11.04.41 Centauro forces to Yugoslav Zetska Division to retreat to the Pronisat River.

12.04.41 In northern Yugoslavia, Italian motorised units capture Zara and Bencovae.

12.04.41 In East Africa, Italians troops defeat two British attacks on Giarso and Alghe.

13.04.41 In Western Yugoslavia, the Italians capture Koplik.

13.04.41 Centauro captures the Yugoslav naval base of Kotor in Montonegro, also occupies Cettinje and Podgorica.

30.04.41 Paratroopers of the Folgore seize Zante and Cephalonia Islands off Greece.

01.05.41 Ariete & Brescia capture overrun 7 Australian strongpoints ( R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7 and R8) outside Tobruk.

04.05.41 Australians counterattack but the Trento, Pavia & Ariete defeat the attacks.

17.05.41 Brescia attacks the Australian 2/9th and 2/10th Battalions, forcing the Australians to abandon the S8, S9 and S10 strongpoints. 24.

21.05.41 Italian bombers from 41 Gruppo on Rhodes sink HMS Juno and damage HMS Ajax off Crete.

24.05.41 Brescia defeats an Australian counterattack, supported by British tanks.

28.05.41 Regina Division lands in Crete & captures Sitia.

29.06.41 Italian bombers from 239th Squadriglia sink Australian destroyer HMAS Waterhen.

02.08.41 Bersaglieri defeat the 2/43rd and 2/28th Battalions, in a final Australian attempt to recover the lost strongpoints.

15.05.41 Bersaglieri anti-tank gunners derail the British offensive, known as Operation Brevity. A German Colonel later praised the Bersaglieri anti-tank gunners, saying they defended Halfaya Pass “…with lionlike courage until the last man against stronger enemy forces. The greatest part of them died faithful to the flag.”

Mid-June 1941 Italian anti-aircraft gunners under Major Leopoldo Pardi help derail Operation Battleaxe.

02.08.41 Bersaglieri defeat the 2/43rd and 2/28th Battalions, in a final Australian attempt to recover the lost strongpoints.

23.08.41 The Savoia Regiment overruns a Russian brigade at Ibushenkij.

30.09.41 Italian troops capture 10,000 Russian troops near Petrikovka

20.10.41 Italian troops capture a large part of Stalino in Russia.

27.10.41 Italians defeat Russian attacks in the Donets Basin and take several hundred prisoners.

02.11.41 The Pasubio captures Gorlovka in Russia

14.11.41 The Pasubio Divisions smashes the Russian defences in the Donets Basin. 41

19.11.41 Ariete blunts British offensive named Operation Crusader. 40 Crusader tanks are knocked out.

19.11.41 Pavia repels column of British tanks in the area of El Adem. British forced to retreat.

20.11.41 Bologna infantry and anti-tank gunners derail advance of the British 7th Armoured Brigade.

21.11.41 Bologna defenders at the ‘Tugun’ strongpoint derail the advance of the British 70th Division

22.11.41 ‘Tugun’ defenders successfully defend their position again.

23.11.41 Pavia defeats British attempt to smash through the Bologna.

24.11.41 ‘Tugun’ defenders defeat another British attempt to evit them.

25.11.41 The Trento successfully defends the ‘Bondi’ strongpoint outside Tobruk.

26.11.41 Bersaglieri defeat renewed British attempt to smash through the Bologna

27.11.41 The Savona Divisions repels a British armoured attack.

29.11.41 Ariete overruns the 21st New Zealand Battalion.

29.11.41 Bersaglieri capture 1,800 Allied wounded, medical staff & guards. 200 German unwounded POWs are freed.

01.12.41 Trento defeats an armoured attack outside Tobruk

01.12.41 Trieste cuts off the link the New Zealanders had established with the Tobruk defenders.

04.12.41 Pavia and Trento recapture ‘Plonk and ‘Doc’ strongpoints outside Tobruk.

05.12.41 Italian ‘Fascist Youth’ repel several British attacks in the area of Bir Gubi 57

06.12.41 Pavia fights a successfull delaying action on Point 157

07.12.41 Bologna covers the retreat of the German Afrika Division

10.12.41 Brescia covers the Axis retreat from White Knoll.

12.12.41 Bologna, Brescia, Pavia, Trieste & Trento successfully hold the Gazala Line.

13.12.41 Trieste successfully defends Point 208.

15.12.41 Brescia, Pavia & Trento repell a stong Polish-New Zealand attack.

15.12.41 Ariete plays and 8th Bersaglieri Regiment play a very imporant part in overruning The Buffs. 1,000 British killed, wounded or captured.

26.12.41 Italian recapture Krestovka from the Russians.

28.01.1942 Raggruppamento Musino fights off repeated Russian attacks near Isyum.

27.05.42 Ariete overruns the British-officered 3rd Indian Brigade. 1,000 Indians captured.

29.05.42 Ariete successfully defends the Afrika Korps rearguard.

30.05.42 Trieste successfully delivers food and provisions to the Afrika Korps preventing their entire capitulation.

05.06.42 Ariete again successfully defends the Afrika Korps rearguard.

11.06.42 Trieste captures Bir Hacheim.

20.06.42 CR.42s of 50 Stormo carried out 43 missions against the Tobruk defenders.

26.08.42 Italian troops repel several Russian attacks on the Don front.

10.11.42 Italians defeat a Russian attempt to cross the Don River.

12.06.42 Trieste encircles the Brtish 2nd & 4th Armoured Brigades, and both tank units are destroyed.

16.06.42 Italians overrun & capture 6, 000 Allied troops outside Tobruk.

30.06.42 Littorio surrounds Mersa Matruh & Bersaglieri capture 6,500 Allied soldiers.

01.07.42 1,000 stranded New Zealanders are rounded up.

04.07.42 Italian troops repel several Russian attacks.

11.07.42 Bersaglieri overrun part of the Australian 2/48th Battalion.

14.07.42 Colonel Angelozzi’s 1st Battalion 85th Sabratha Regiment recaptures Tel el Eisa from the Australians.

15.07.42 Colonel Angelozzi’s men defeat the Australian 2/23rd Battalion attempt to recapture the position.

15.07.42 Pavia & Brescia successfully defend Ruweisat Ridge. Several hundred Allied troops are captured.

17.07.42 A battalion of the Trento overruns part of the Australian 2/32nd Battalion, 200 Australians captured.

21.07.1942 Trieste & Brescia sucessfully defend Ruweisat Ridge. 1,400 Allied troops are captured.

27.07.42 3rd Battalion of the 61st Trento Infantry Regiment derails the attack of the 2/28th Battalion.

27.07.42 Armoured car squadron of the Brescia encircle and capture the Australian 2/28 Battalion.

??.09.42 Bologna overruns defenders of Point 211.

??.09.42 Trieste, Brescia, Ariete & Littorio in the area of the Munassib Depression, force British & New Zealanders units to retreat.

04.09.42 Folgore defeat the 6th New Zealand Brigade & capture 200 attackers.

14.09.42 San Marco Marines defeat Allied landing at Tobruk. 1,000 Allied killed, wounded or captured.

30.09.42 Folgore defeat 131st Queens Brigade, over 300 British killed or captured.

24.10.42 Ariete, Brescia & Folgore successfully hold the Alamein line.

25.10.42 12th Bersaglieri overruns the Austalian 2/17th Battalion. 94

28.10.42 Littorio overruns part of the British 133rd Brigade, 300 British are captured.

29.10.42 7th Bersaglieri derails the advance of the Austalian 26th Brigade.

30.10.42 7th Bersaglieri defeats several Australian attacks.

03.11.42 Ariete successfully covers the retreat of Rommel.

10.11.42 Italian troops defeat Russian attempts to cross the River Don.

12.11.42 Italians invade Corsica.

03.12.1943 Bersaglieri capture part of the British 2nd Parachute Battalion.

12.12.42 Italian troops attack Russian defences, capturing prisoners a much equipment.

18.02.43. Germans fail to take Sbiba Pass, but the 7th Bersaglieri triumphs at Kasserine Pass.

18.02.43 Centauro Division overruns the 1,200-strong US 19th Combat Engineers Regiment.

24.02.43 5th Bersaglieri successfully covers the retreat of Rommel.

10.07.43 Italian dive bombers sink American destroyer USS Maddox.

14.07.43 Napoli infantry overrun part of the British Staffordshire Regiment defending Ponde Grande in Sicily.

14.07.43 Semovente unit and Bersaglieri overrun 400 British Commandos defending Malati Bridge in Sicily.

16.07.43 Italian submarine Dandolo disables British cruiser HMS Cleopatra

31.07.43 Aosta Division on Mount Troina in Sicily, successfully covers German reatreat for six days.

02.08.43 Assietta Division at Santa Agata in Sicily, successfully covers German reatreat .

04.09.43 Fighters from 5th Stormo sink four US tank landing ships off Reggio di Calabria.

26.12.44 Monte Rosa & San Maro Divisions overrun the US 92nd Division.

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