Battle of the Western Alps

Battle of the Western Alps, June 1940 By General Francesco Roluti.   Kindly provided by Giovanni Lombardi. (Published in “Rivista Aeronautica”, May 1948) Today, the Battle of the Western Alps can be seen in its true light: great difficulties from the standpoint of terrain—extremely difficult by nature and rendered still more so by many modern fortifications; […]

The Greco-Italian War

The Greco-Italian War (28 October 1940 to 23 April 1941) So who really won the war? That’s a question that has plagued military historians for years. On October 28, 1940 a cocky but under strength Italian force crossed the Albanian border to invade northern Greece in the region of the Pindus Mountains. The Italians expected […]

114 Italian Victories and counting…

22.06.40  Sforzesca Division captures Montgenèvre & la Crete de Chaussard 23.06.40  Fort Chenillet captured by Arditi Guastatori. 24.06.40  Cosseria Division Captures Mentone, Briançon & Lablachère 12.06.1940 Italian submarine Alpino Attilio Bagnolini sinks the British cruiser HMS Calypso. 14.06.1940 Italian troops defeat French attackers at Galisia Hil. 11.01.1941 Italian bombers from 237a Squadriglia disable HMS Ilustrious, allowing the safe […]