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On the whole, the Italians had very good weapons and some excellent ones. This is another myth that usually surfaces here and there, usually on the internet, but sometimes, even in books and articles written by people who should know better. Let’s take a look at the three armed forces, individually:

The Royal Italian Air force

The Royal Italian Airforce or Regia Aeronautica, used several high performance fighters like the Macchi

C.205V 352 Sq 20 Gr

The Macchi C.205 was probably one of the best fighters in WW2 on all sides. It proved to be formidable aircraft destroying a large number of Allied bombers. It was certainlt a match for the British Spitfire or the American P -51D Mustang. The Germans were so impressed, they even ordered fifty of them from the Italians.


The Royal Italian Navy




The Royal Italian Army